You might want to reset your target before glitching, or send a specific sequence of button presses.

The Bolt has 4 output channels that can be programmed to go high or low at certain times after a trigger has occurred (see Voltage Glitching for info about triggers).


The Python API exposes to interface with the programmable I/O.

from scope import Scope
s = Scope()

# Set output channel 0 to high level after 500*8.3ns, 1, delay=500)

# Set output channel 0 to low level after 1000*8.3ns, 0, delay=500)

# Set output channel 3 to high level after 3000*8.3ns, 1, delay=1500)

# Write the I/O configs to the device

# s.trigger() now triggers the configured I/O sequence

# You can clear I/O configs with