Setting up your Bolt

The Curious Bolt exposes a serial port over USB that can be used to interface with its glitcher, scope, and programmable I/O.

A python library is available to talk to your Bolt. To use it:

  • Install python (3.x) and pip
  • Install pyserial by running pip install pyserial
  • Copy to your working directory
  • Check if you can connect by running python3 -c "from scope import Scope;s=Scope()". If you get a warning that the Bolt could not be found, check its USB connection.
  • If you run Linux and can’t connect, check your udev rules.

Logic analysis in PulseView

A screenshot of PulseView being used with Curious Bolt See Logic Analyzer to learn how to use the logic analyzer.

Fault injection with the voltage glitcher

See Voltage Glitching for more information on voltage glitching with the Bolt.

Programmable I/O

You can get the Bolt to send programmable output patterns on its output GPIO, based on triggers. See Programmable I/O.

Differential power analysis with the oscilloscope

See Differential Power to learn how to use the differential power scope.

Note: The scope of your Bolt is not necessary for any of the Level 1 challenges.

Learn more about your Bolt in these sections: