Your Bolt has an 8-channel logic analyzer with 100k pts sample memory. It’s compatible with the popular open source PulseView software, and supports setting low/high level triggers.

A screenshot of PulseView being used with Curious Bolt

Connecting in PulseView

  • Install Pulseview
  • Connect your Curious Bolt via USB
  • Open PulseView, and click on “No Device” dropdown
  • Select the “SUMP Compatibles” driver, select the first USB serial port of the two exposed by Curious Bolt, set the baudrate to 115200, click on Scan, and then Ok
  • See Pulseview documentation for how-to of signal capture and protocol decoding
Note: Triggering via the Python API does not cause the logic analyzer to trigger an update in PulseView.

To trigger PulseView, you need to set a high or low level trigger on one of the 8 input pins in the PulseView UI.