Meet the Curious Bolt

The approachable intro to low-level hardware security.

From the creators of the Pixel Badge, as seen on

A Hardware Hacking Multi-tool

Bolt is a crowbar voltage glitcher, an 8-channel logic analyzer, and differential power scope. At the same time, in a single board that fits in your pocket.

Voltage glitcher

Use fault injection to defeat security in targets that have no software bugs. The Bolt can glitch their power rails with 8.3 nanosecond precision.

Logic Analyzer

Decode communication between chips on target devices with the built-in 8-channel logic analyzer (100k pts sample memory). Works with the popular open source Pulseview software.

Differential Power Oscilloscope

Leak what your target is doing with the Bolt's 35MSPS differential power oscilloscope. Can detect changes in the target's power rails from 0.2V below to 0.2V above its nominal voltage, in steps of 0.2mV.

Special Launching Kit

Previously only available to competing teams in the European Cyber Security Challenge of 2023 in Oslo, now you can train at home with a Bolt plus the beautiful target board with the same challenges.

All challenges require hardware hacking: the target has zero software vulnerabilities!

We're launching with a limited edition, containing:

- A Curious Bolt
- A STM32F103 target board including the 4 hardware security challenges of ECSC23
- An STM32 SWD programmer
- Dupont cables
- Probes for the logic analyzer functionality

Python Interface

Effortlessly talk to your Bolt over USB via our Python library, and automate your hardware security adventures.

Get your Curious Bolt

A limited run of the launching kit is now available from our distribution partner Netwerkwinkel. Free shipping within NL!

For shipping outside NL contact us at